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Li-Po Battery:


Used for: Alternate power source.


Sensor type: Power Supply


Measuring range: n/a


Precision: n/a


Input: Power Cable




Waterproof: Yes


Dustproof: Yes


Shock resistant: Yes



Price: £30.00 + VAT


We can also supply you with a recommended charging system for your batteries, to help preserve their life span for their longest possible time, always remember to unplug when not in use.


Battery Charger Price: £40.00 + VAT

Li-Po Battery, recommended as an alternate to the supplied battery pack, that comes as standard with the system, especially if you intend to run on the GPS splits, a cost effective lightweight alternate. 


We can also happily supply you with an array of power options and a charging system for the Li-Po batteries themselves, for the longest possible life span always unplug when not in use.

Li-Po Batteries:

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