About Us:

Unipro is a Danish company that back in 1986 invented the Laptimer. A technological breakthrough that since then has found its way from gokarts to Champcars. Unipro have since the start developed and delivered pioneering products to race drivers all over the world.

In 2014 they launched a brand new product line, together with a new design profile. The top models in the new product line are prepared for many featured expansions to ensure our customers a big return on their investment. They continue to create products that will not only help with precision and performance monitoring for the drivers, but also for the mechanics with the introduction of their UniStop stop watches (one of the most popular stopwatchs in the motorsport industry) and the new UniTire pressure gauge, which is a massive step forward in technology giving the truest reading out of any pressure guage on the market.

Kartune Motorsport have been importing the Unipro system and other products into the UK for the last 6 years, providing the United Kingdom with the precision made tools to improve your karting expirence.
What is Unipro?
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Unipro products gives race drivers and teams precise information that can improve their results!

Choose Unipro and expect precision, quality and flexibility.

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